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May 25, 2010
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May 4, 2010, 11:00:20 AM
Mustard Seed in a Bottle Charm by YellerCrakka Mustard Seed in a Bottle Charm by YellerCrakka
This is an inspirational Mustard Seed in a Bottle Charm Necklace I made as a gift for my mother on Mother's Day.

There is a real yellow mustard seed suspended in my signature goo, with little bubbles around it for a more mysterious appearance. It has a metal, ivy covered cross charm attached on a short length of chain. The bottle is about 1 inch tall with a real cork stopper securely glued in place.

My mother is a very spiritual and nurturing person, so when I was thinking of a jewelry piece to make her this year, I was instantly reminded of the story of the mustard seed, how with enough care and encouragement, something so small and insignificant can become a so large and important. I chose to include the ivy covered cross because it sort of represents how the seed sprouts and needs something to hold onto to help it grow. I'm just glad I had someone there to help me, and this is my way of saying thank you.

Items like this are also currently for sale on my Etsy store here: [link] or you can send me an e-mail at if you're interested in anything.

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nobodyelseXV Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
punkrose Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
I loove this! Please tell me, how did you get the seed to look like it was floating in the middle of the bottle? I use resin in my bottles, but the clay peices like to sink...I just need some friendly advice from someone who knows what they are doing. :S
YellerCrakka Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
If your pieces are sinking, the resin might be too liquidy, you can try playing with the mixture of the resin itself by adding more of the catalyst and it should help. When it's mixed to the proper consistency it should dry almost completely solid so nothing should move around once it cures.
punkrose Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
Thank you so much! I've been stumped has to how to fix my problem. Here lately I've been filling the bottles half full, letting it harden, then putting in my clay piece and filling the rest up full. That or dangling my stuff from the cork with wire...which isn't all that pretty. XD
Katafrostic Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
can you make goo out of just glue?
YellerCrakka Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Professional Artisan Crafter
Sure, you can use lots of different things.
Chibi-Beanz Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011
Looking at your necklaces it totally inspires me to start crafting my own. That goo is such a good idea... Could you tell me how to mix it up? By the way I'm on quite a tight budget so if you know a way to make something like this with objects lying around the home you'd be a lifesaver!
Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
YellerCrakka Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Professional Artisan Crafter
Sorry for the late reply! I'd be happy to help with the goo, just send me an e-mail at and I can give you a bunch of different, and also inexpensive options! ^_^
WoodenKatt Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Adorable! I love the verse that you wrote. :)
YellerCrakka Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much, I am happy you like it! :heart:
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