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Some new Sculptures, Charms and other Geeky Jewelry!

Random from Trades and Gifts

:heart: A collection of the awesomely adorable artwork and crafts people have made for me either as gifts, or as part of an art trade with me. :heart:

Also Visit Me At:
--To purchase any of the fine items in my gallery that are also for sale.
--Another shop with an even larger selection.
--My fanpage, come Like us! And contribute photos wearing my charms!
--Another great place to buy the adorable charms you see in my gallery!
--Quick and fun pictures and blurbs about new projects, featuring pictures of items I don't usually post here on dA.
:star:Blog Spot
--In depth blog about up-coming projects, reflections about previous work, and some personal insights about art.
--A showcase of different photos of my charms and photos of my cosplay not submitted to my dA gallery.
--So you can see pictures of all my lovely costumes in their complete forms.

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Proud Poke Dork Stamp by fallenintoshadows Latias Yay Stamp by Vypor Okami Stamp by ByoWT1125 I heart Paopu Stamp by BabiSasuke Celebi Stamp 3 by ice-fire pokemix stamp by eevee10001 :Animal Crossing Stamp: by HatakeSage Rorschach Stamp by picklelova Stamp: LLAMA LLOVE by MarikBentusi



Lots of New Charms on the Way

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 11, 2014, 8:24 AM
Be sure to check out my Etsy store:
If you're interested in something for sale in my gallery! If you don't see the item you want in stock, no worries, just send me an e-mail at and I would be happy to help!

You can see examples of my work in the sections below:

:star:And 2D Art

Please e-mail me at if you're interested in anything displayed in my gallery or custom items. If you need help figuring out how to purchase something, check out my little Buyer's Guide.

To see pictures of my other crafts and full pictures of the cosplay I make my props for, visit my partner:

~~~~~~Art Status:~~~~~~
Commissions: OPEN
Online Store: Etsy Shop OPEN
Online Store: Artfire Shop OPEN
Suggestions: OPEN
Mask Commissions: CLOSED

If you'd like to do an art trade with me, I mostly like to trade my charms for plushies, duct tape art, textiles, amigurumi, origami, basically other crafts I'm not versed in myself, but I'm willing to consider other trades every once in a while, so feel free to ask.

~~~~~~Currently Working On:~~~~~~

--Pokemon - Cubone Skull Necklace - 100% DONE
--Beauty and the Beast - Magic Rose Bottle - 100% DONE
--Ragnarok Online - Sheep Keychain - 100% DONE
--Animal Crossing - 5 Rhino Charms - 100% DONE
--Zelda - Mini Seahorse in a Bottle Necklace - 100% DONE

--Watchmen - Nite Owl and Rorschach Charms - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - Finneon Charm for StarFirefly26 - 100% DONE
--2 Spiritomb Sculptures for Plush-Drops - 100% DONE
--Custom Charmander Charm for KaidaTheDragon - 100% DONE
--Mini Mario and Kirby Charm Jewelry - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - 3 Custom Pokeball Necklaces - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - Gyarados Multi-Charm Necklace - 100% DONE
--Berserk - Seal of Sacrifice Pendant - 100% DONE
--Psychonauts - Arrowhead Charm for LudicrousBox - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - Heart Scale Necklace for spongeenthusiast - 100% DONE
--Zelda - Triforce Stud Earrings - 100% DONE
--Kingdom Hearts - Silver Mini Charm Bracelet - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - Vulpix in a Bottle Charm Necklace - 100% DONE
--Zelda - Triforce Charm Hair Clip - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - Sitting Vulpix Necklace - 100% DONE
--Zelda - Spiritual Stone Charms - 100% DONE
--Street Fighter - Gill Sculpture - 100% DONE
--Friendship Heart and Star Necklaces - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - Great Ball Potion Necklace - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - Mini Magikarp in a Bottle Necklace - 100% DONE
--Animal Crossing - Character Charms - 100% DONE
--Pair of Custom Video Game Charm Bracelets - 100% DONE
--Set of Custom Pokemon Charms - 100% DONE
--Animal Crossing - Cleo Horse Charm - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - Scraggy and Scrafty Sculpture for D3m0n10v3 - 100% DONE
--Labyrinth - Full Sized Jareth Necklace - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - Master Ball Friendship Necklaces 100% DONE
--Animal Crossing - 6 Horse Charms - 100% DONE
--Animal Crossing - Hornsby Charm - 100% DONE
--Anastasia - Custom Gem Together in Paris Necklace - 100% DONE
--Pokemon - Male Meowstic Charm - 100% DONE
--Animal Crossing - Fang and Roscoe Charms - 100% DONE
--Avengers - Logo and Loki Stud Earrings - 100% DONE
--Fire Emblem Awakening - Mystletainn Sword Necklace - 100% DONE
--Zelda - Fireshield Earrings - 100% DONE
--Zelda - Coral Earrings - 100% DONE
--xxxHolic - Yellow Pipe Fox Necklace - 100% DONE

~~~~~~General Updates~~~~~~
Now that summer is coming to an end, I'll be ready to post pictures of all the new items I've been working on during the off-season.  They will feature several new Zelda items in honor of Hyrule Warriors which will be hitting the Wii U later this month, as well as Pokemon jewelry that will celebrate the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire releases coming in November.  I'll also have some special Halloween themed treats because it is my favorite holiday, so if you want any sneak peaks, be sure to follow me on Instagram @ YellerCrakka or if you want a chance to win some freebies, you can follow me on Tumblr too. (I'd love to follow back any of my friends here, so please comment with your username if it's different from your dA name, thanks!)

~~~~~~My Own Personal Favorite~~~~~~
My pick for the moment is my Pokemon - Shellder & Slowpoke Jewelry Set  Ever since they released the new Mega-Evolution for Slowbro, I've been dying to make it especially since I kind of predicted that one day Shellder would get the upper hand and fully consume Slowbro...

Pokemon - Slowbro Necklace Slowpoke Tail Earrings by YellerCrakka

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